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About Me

Hi! First let me start by sharing that I am so happy you're here. My name is Kelle and I am a licensed clinical therapist in New York State that has been practicing for nearly a decade. I want to take a moment to acknowledge your strength for making it to this point. Taking the leap to begin therapy can feel overwhelming. I personally struggled in therapy with finding the right fit, and I want to provide guidance to others in a way that makes sense.   From a young age and due to personal traumatic experiences I went through, I knew in my gut I wanted to help people.  I strive to use methods that work best for you, to meet your goals.

Early in my career, I worked in a school with teenagers and families struggling with emotional and academic difficulties related to school phobia, self-injury, trauma, and bullying. I was inspired to work independently and gain more experience, which led me to a clinic and working in private practice. Here I provided individual therapy to children, teenagers, and adults with a multitude of emotional challenges. Through my learnings and experience here, I decided to niche down to working with adults with anxiety, trauma, and dating/relationship struggles. I then ventured out and started my own private practice in 2021 and I absolutely love it!

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